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Our Mission

IdeaLeader: To activate idea capital and develop leadership capabilities that grow your business and maximize you competitive advantage.

Focus: The IdeaLeader team is focused on creating an inspired and inclusive environment within your organization, where people feel empowered to learn new capabilities to generate ideas and nurture an engaged team to bring them to life.

Behavioral Science: Our backgrounds are diverse, grounded in behavioral science and driven to enable behavioral change through practical skills development for each person we work with.

Our Approach

Accelerating performance through the development of identity, skills and application of practices and procedures

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YOur team


Adrian Stevens

Co-Founder & Solutions Director

A talent transformation executive with over 20 years of multinational experience focused on the intersection of strategy, leadership and culture. A thought leader in equipping leaders and teams to compete and transform.


Philippa Bond

Co-Founder & Chief Idea Officer

A professional performance coach, specialized in leadership, strategic thinking, coaching and organization culture development. An idea shifter who opens up minds in training, coaching and corporate consulting today.


Facilitators & Coaches 

IdeaLeader Team

A global team focused on equipping you to activate and advance your capacity to make a difference.

"If you want to ensure your future readiness and win the transformation race, you are going to need ideas and the engagement of your workplace"    

Adrian Stevens, Co-Founder,  IdeaLeader

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