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Are you ready to make a difference?

Activating your Idea Capital and Leadership Advantage

Idea Capital: In every business and organization, ideas and leadership are increasingly becoming a new form of capital and competitive advantage, sitting alongside the financial, product and human capital that companies work hard to build, grow and retain. While ideas are valuable, there remains a difference between a good idea and a catalyst that ignites an evolution in value.

IdeaLeader: As a leader and a team member, your capacity to identify and harness the power of ideas and the potential of your people to enable trans-formative business outcomes, requires a process, inspired communication, collaboration, and leadership. Capabilities that can be learnt and developed.  Sharpen your competitive edge and take advantage of solutions designed to accelerate your success.



Are you ready to make a difference?

Equipping leaders to enable a team to perform in an age of acceleration; igniting idea capital; fueling innovative thinking and enabling transformative success.

Idea Facilitator

Are you ready to be a more impactful communicator?

Designing, delivering and facilitating meetings and communications to engage audiences and create accountability. This program is an extension of the Facilitation Academy.   

Coaching Wisdom

Are you ready to coach with wisdom?

Becoming wiser as a coach and coaching wisdom into your people to accelerate performance and bring out their best: Coaching conversations, skills and techniques to be a better coach.

Team Ideation.jpg
Virtual Leader

Are you ready to lead remotely?

Advancing virtual leadership capabilities to connect with your people, inspire and facilitate collaboration, creativity and decision making. Leadership in a digital age of engagement.

Video Conference

"No matter what you want to achieve, your access to ideas and ability to engage others to help bring them to life, will accelerate your success”   

Adrian Stevens, Co-Founder,  IdeaLeader

Learning Paths 

Digital social media

Online Academies

Modular development paths, on the job practices and toolkits for leaders and teams 

(coming in 2022)


Catalyst Workshops

Facilitator led solutions

and tailored modules for your business outcomes.

(Virtual / Face to Face)

Image by Igor Talankin

Insight Webinars

IdeaLeader insights, bespoke webinars and conference presentations

(20 - 90 min)

“To advance your professional career, you need intention to change, attention to dedicate time and skills which we can give you"

Pip Bond, Co-Founder  IdeaLeader


“Total applause - this was one of the best micro education courses that I have experienced”

Sales Executive

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